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Hello fellow thinker,

First and foremost, thank you for subscribing and letting my thoughts into your day. I do not take this privilege lightly, at all.

The blog is a more poised version of my ever-growing marginalia. In my writings, I explore sparks of friction that result from my thoughts colliding. Sometimes these sparks, light up new pathways to insight. That is what I hope to share with you.

On that note, here is a bit of what I wrote, read and thought about recently:

What I wrote:

How NOT To Lie With Statistics "On Average"

If you drove to work at 20 mph and returned from work at 30 mph, what was your average speed for the round trip? If you answered 25 mph, read on to learn why that is incorrect.
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What I thought about:

A book: Peak - Secrets from the New Science of Expertise
This book had been in on my reading list for a while because of how frequently it is referred to in any writing on skill development. The authors have spent a lifetime researching expertise and their findings dispel the myth of innate talent. I would highly recommend this book to anyone hoping to learn how to learn.

A few articles:

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