Why I write

Ink Pen The Data Thinker

Since I first started my blog, I have questioned everything about my writing: motive, style, subject, frequency, readability, ability. I questioned if I wasn’t publishing often enough. I questioned if I was expecting too much attention from the readers. In an age of clicks and viewers, I questioned what my measure of success is?

I cannot say with certainty which of my motives are the strongest, but I know which of them deserve to be followed.

George Orwell, Why I Write

I haven’t figured out my motive to write, yet.
I get glimpses of it.

I write to think.
I write to think better.
All in the hope to be better

So, I have decided that my measure of success is the number of different ways that I can think about something. The number of ways I can turn, twist, pull, deconstruct, and reconstruct a thought.

Through my writings, I do hope to find my tribe of critical thinkers. Readers (not just viewers), who want to think differently, who will make me think differently, who will question me and who will be generous in their feedback.

I hope to write writings, not content.